Habitat, a continuous evolution

An idea by the architects Marianna Nociforo and Antonio Spera, Habitat - born first in 2014 as a Bed & Breakfast - has evolved into a multiform project that brings together hospitality and architecture, all while telling a modern story of Sicily expressed through food, sustainability and excellence. Habitat is now a hotel, a restaurant, an architect's studio:a constantly shifting work site.

One location, many places

Built in an old former factory built at the end of the 19th century where oily fish were processed, standing next to the medieval walls and old San Giuliano stronghold, Habitat now fills three Mediterranean courtyard houses, joined by an inner courtyard that is home to the urban vegetable patch. This space is home to 16 bedrooms, the restaurant Materia | Spazio Cucina, the architects’ student Habitat Studio, a lounge&relax room, and the reception area.

How Habitat came about

After studying and working overseas, Marianna and Antonio, both architects from Sicily, decide to return to the island and invest in a project that combines their passions and also showcases the area's excellences, bringing together a respect for tradition and a cosmopolitan vision, in both hospitality and the world of architecture. It is 2014 when Habitat opens its doors in the historical centre of Catania, first as a B&B, and then evolving - thanks to real estate purchases and new business risks - into a container of ideas and projects focused on culture, food, and leisure time: a space where the environmental conditions allow for an immersive, shared experience for visitors, who can recognise themselves in a place where difference inputs find a balance. That is how the name Habitat was decided upon.

The story of Sicily is an authentic one here, far removed from stereotypes. It ranges from the architectural choices that aim to optimise what is already there, without distorting what has already been done. It is enhanced by the stories of small producers and ingredients that are chosen carefully and arrive at Habitat every day, to be used in such a way that respects seasonality and sustainability, without wastage. It broadens into advice on how to enjoy wonderful experiences in discovering the city, its coastline and its volcano, starting from the historical Baroque heart of the city, with its contrasts and Baroque beauty.

Values and vision

We love contaminations between the past and the future, between memory and innovation, between identity and far-off vision. We believe in a sustainable world and we work towards this every day, through the conscious use of resources, how we choose ingredients from local producers, combating waste, and using tools and technologies that will help us to optimise consumptions. We create innovation, starting with creativity and research so that we can find new ways to promote Sicily and the area.

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